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How can a Chief Performance Officer supercharge your leadership team?

If your board said:
“We want to lean in. What do you need to get to escape velocity faster?”

…would you know which bets to place?

Or if you asked the leadership team:
“What are the top two priorities for the company to be successful next year?”

…would everyone give the same answer?

Change is what makes startups exciting. Change is what motivates us to lead teams. Without change, there is no growth, only complacency. But change is mountain-climbing hard. Transformational change is even harder.

That’s why I focus on three key alignment points:

  • BoD ⇄ CEO — Bridging your investor narrative to customer outcomes and operational priorities 🎯💡

  • CEO ⇄ CFO — Transforming finance teams from cost centers into growth drivers 🏅📈

  • CFO ⇄ CRO — Closing the gap between financial planning and go-to-market execution ⚙️📊

Mika Kasumov, Founder & Principal
VP Finance & VP Sales at $25M ➡️ $200M ARR
  • Created >$2B of equity value and raised five rounds of financing.

  • Spent 18mos leading PLG & Partner Sales, drove ½ of the company’s ARR.

  • (Re-)built multiple executive, finance, and go-to-market teams.

➡️ What can a Chief Performance Officer unlock for you?

Whether you are looking to update your operating model, accelerate your go-to-market motions, lay the foundation for scale, unlock the next phase of growth, or set the business on a financially sustainable path – transformational change cuts across all teams.

📋 To execute on transformational change (aka "build the engine while flying the plane") you need to:

  • Improve your forward visibility

  • Tighten your feedback loops

  • And uplevel your teams

…all at the same time.


If you want to hit ambitious stretch goals, while managing the pace of change (risk), you need to pair an operator’s outcome-oriented mindset with world-class strategic planning and insight capabilities. As possibly the only finance leader you will meet who has also carried a sales quota and delivered double-digit growth – that’s what I bring to the table.

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